Scottish Highland Cattle

AHCA Registered & Non-registered Cattle

The Longhorn Ranch is a registered breeder of these amazing beasts! You can observe and interact with them while they graze on our lush pastures. Known for their calm, docile temperament, our cows enjoy hand brushing and special treats! They are also very photogenic and may be a part of your wedding / event photos!

Yes, we sell them too!

Highland Facts


1.  Excellent Temperament

Highlands are renowned for their friendly nature, often approaching people for attention!

2.  Premium Beef

Highland beef is rated as premium beef due to it’s fine texture, well-marbled succulent flavor, and healthy aspects. It is high in iron and 40% lower in fat & cholesterol than even chicken!

3.  Highly Adaptable Foragers

Highlands are fantastic scavengers; they will eat almost anything if it has food value, including weeds, poison ivy, tree leaves. etc. They can thrive in poor pastures that other cattle could not survive on.

4.  Longevity

Highlands can live and breed longer than other breeds. They are hardy, robust, and independent birthers, rarely requiring any assistance. They are well known to be excellent mothers.

5.  They’re GORGEOUS!

These beautiful cows are popular due to their cute appearance with long, shaggy hair and curved horns. However, the thick undercoats help them survive tough Scottish winters, and the longer hair keeps the rain and snow off. Their enviable long eyelashes protect them from hail, rain, wind and insects. And those sometimes intimidating horns are used to rake the ground to find food in the snow.



Longhorn Ranch Highlands

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